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Google SMS 2 November 2005

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Google SMS

This is too good not to pass on to someone. Everyone needs to know that they can search google by sending text messages from their cell phones. you can search for just about everything I can think of that you would need while away from an actual internet browser but still need to know… look it up – try it – fall in love with it…


Microsoft We Feel Your Pain video 1 November 2005

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This is a must see video and something I need to post in my links section of the blog.

This video explains how the We Feel Your Pain program works at Microsoft and how it is integrated with the “Send Error Report” features of Windows XP operating system.

I received this link as part of a weekly CodeProject newsletter.

blummy – The bookmarklet management bookmarklet 31 October 2005

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blummy – The bookmarklet management bookmarklet

Yet another cool tool I stumbled upon this morning. blummy… the bookmarklet to replace all bookmarklets…

you should check it out and tell me what you think.

iCal Publishing Service 27 October 2005

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The iCal Exchange was created to give the Internet community an easy way
to publish their calendars using the built-in “Publish to a web server” mechanism.

iCal Exchange

I found this service today and signed up for an account.  I tested publishing a private calendar and that worked successfully.  The backend of this service uses PHP iCalendar which is how i stumbled across iCal Exchange.

Seems promising and a cool implementation of the tool.

Another Flock’ing Install 24 October 2005

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I’ve just installed Flock on my Powerbook and taken a quick look around at the app.  It seems much like other browsers and most specifically Firefox.  I like the current theme that comes with it… pretty… 😉

I’ve had troubles getting my bookmarks from Safari imported into Flock and del.ico.us but according to the del.ico.us archives they’ve had problems with an import script so maybe Flock is having that same problem?  I’ve had a del.ico.us account for some time but with little use because I just hadn’t had time to play with it and see how much benefit it could afford me but I’m hoping that with the integration into Flock I can really see the ease of use and start feeling a need for the service.  I like the idea for sure just need an easy way to make it useful.

I also like the integration with Flickr which is another web service I’ve wanted to explore and now perhaps have a better reason to play with it.  Since Hurrican Rita I’ve thought about using Flickr to post my pics of the house and yard so that my friends and family can see what happened to us during the storm.

This is also my first post on my new wordpress.com blog.  I cannot remember when I signed up for the service but I received the invitation to set it up while I was evacuated to Tyler.  I hadn’t had much time to post anything to it till just today.  We’ll use this post as the jumping off point.  This post that I’m writing from within Flock… another great integration feature I like about this app.

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Hello world! 28 September 2005

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!