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Eclipse Europa coming June 29th 12 June 2007

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The Next Total EclipseEarlier I mentioned a blog I found that is marketing the Eclipse project. Today, I was catching up on articles there and found a post about Europa and the upcoming release. A little late to the game but I found this graphic for the new release and wanted to share. Evidently, the release is scheduled for the same day as the iPhone… hmm, coincidence? Or, is it planned so that people can develop their AJAX apps in Eclipse to be distributed through the iPhone? This could only be made better if I could find a way to connect Google…


Load Balancing Database Connections and the end of RAID 7 June 2007

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I just read a posting at FeedBlog about MySQL and the end of RAID. It reminded me of some earlier articles I read somewhere about Google’s use of a database to provide redundancy and failover for their systems. I believe this is a very attractive idea while not necessarily believing that it spells the end for RAID.

The writer of the blog posting linked to a project about pooling DB connections with a load balancing JDBC driver which looks very cool and I am totally interested in reading more about that. I believe this could resolve several issues that we constantly run into at the University. Trying to balance funds for server systems, storage space, enterprise software, and time to develop hearty solutions is always a difficult task within our environment seems like.

Thanks, Kevin, for writing on the tubes.

Eclipse Packaging Project 7 June 2007

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The Eclipse organization is trying out a new way to package downloads for Eclipse which I definitely favor. While I never found it too difficult to download what I needed from the Eclipse web site it has always taken longer than I feel like it should.

When I setup a new machine or have wiped and reinstalled a system I always go back to eclipse.org to grab the latest builds and start over again on deciding what I need for whatever type of development I’m doing on that particular system. Recently, I was awarded a new laptop at work but hadn’t downloaded eclipse prior to a weekend trip I was about to make. So, I went to the web site and started looking for the downloads. Knowing I probably wouldn’t have time to install and update all the required packages before I had to get in the car I just started downloading all the packages I thought I needed and hoped I grabbed all the requirements too. Of course eclipse tends to make this easier if you download and start with the SDK then get packages through their download manager but I just didn’t feel like I had the time to go through all that. I ended up with what I needed but felt a little uneasy as I drove away from Internet access.

This project is new to me and evidently a beta system but I look forward to trying it out to see if it satisfies my particular needs. Thanks to the foundation.

Btw, I found out about the project from this blog –> Marketing at Eclipse