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Eclipse Packaging Project 7 June 2007

Posted by chrisfontenot in Blogging Tools, eclipse, java, programming.
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The Eclipse organization is trying out a new way to package downloads for Eclipse which I definitely favor. While I never found it too difficult to download what I needed from the Eclipse web site it has always taken longer than I feel like it should.

When I setup a new machine or have wiped and reinstalled a system I always go back to eclipse.org to grab the latest builds and start over again on deciding what I need for whatever type of development I’m doing on that particular system. Recently, I was awarded a new laptop at work but hadn’t downloaded eclipse prior to a weekend trip I was about to make. So, I went to the web site and started looking for the downloads. Knowing I probably wouldn’t have time to install and update all the required packages before I had to get in the car I just started downloading all the packages I thought I needed and hoped I grabbed all the requirements too. Of course eclipse tends to make this easier if you download and start with the SDK then get packages through their download manager but I just didn’t feel like I had the time to go through all that. I ended up with what I needed but felt a little uneasy as I drove away from Internet access.

This project is new to me and evidently a beta system but I look forward to trying it out to see if it satisfies my particular needs. Thanks to the foundation.

Btw, I found out about the project from this blog –> Marketing at Eclipse


I have a Aquestion about Akismet 3 November 2005

Posted by chrisfontenot in Blogging Tools.

How do I go about using Akismet as a WordPress.com account holder. My blog lives on wordpress.com and i’m not allowed to upload/install/activate any plug-ins that i know of. Surely they’ve implemented Akismet on wordpress.com by default which is cool but since i don’t have another wordpress blog installed of my own I’m guessing that the api key doesn’t do me any good? and i really shouldn’t get too worked up about it except to report that it seems to be working well here on my blog if it is already enabled?

Ok, so i have several questions… Could this web service be utilized in a desktop email client? or even a web based email client? that would be cool…