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Apple “stacks” OSX 5 Leopard Against the Competition 11 June 2007

Posted by chrisfontenot in Apple Mac OSX, tech news, tech reviews.
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Today started the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. I kept up with the news by refreshing engadget’s blog postings. And, I thought the announcements were pretty exciting… or at least most of them.

Stacks looks like a really cool UI feature. It isn’t necessarily revolutionary nor is it something that couldn’t kinda be implemented with already existing technology but I still like it. Having cool things like this built-in to the OS makes me happy.

The new UI features of Finder look really interesting, too. I like the modified “sidebar” (can’t remember if that is the right term) and the new categories listed there. Coverflow also looks very slick for a file explorer app. I can imagine that being very cool to use and potentially dangerous for some folks 😉 Thumbnails and previews have a tendency to embarrass.

I guess the other WOW news is the introduction of Safari for Windows. There are many things I like about Safari but there are a few things that keep me from using it as my main browser on the Mac. I know there are plug-ins and whatnot but the ones I seem to want most cost money which I don’t want to spend on enhancing my browser especially when I can use Firefox and its add-ons for free. Safari does seem to surf faster and be an all-around good built-in browser but I just can’t make the switch. I’ve tried. And failed.

Some things that weren’t as exciting for me necessarily include the “announcement” that developers could create rich AJAX web apps for the iPhone. I suppose I just presumed that would be the case because they had earlier said that Safari would be a fully functioning version of the browser. While that is great and cool and everything I just think it is a cop out to providing some sort of SDK. I applaud that AJAX will be supported and wish more “web enabled devices” did so too.

All-in-all I’m looking forward to watching the video of the keynote with all the whirl and dash of a Steve Jobs presentation.