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Every Body Is Beautiful 20 February 2015

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Sarah Harper

I was watching a well loved TV series the other day (happens to be about a high school show choir) when I heard some comments that really upset me. There is a particularly overweight lunch lady and as she was talking to her daughter about self image she told her she was “thin and beautiful” and proceeded to enlist her daughter in going on a diet.

Now, obesity is not something to condone or dismiss. It is a serious health issue that should be corrected if possible. However, I am tired of the constricting parameters that America has set for ‘beauty.’ Let me get this out of the way right now, I am not a thin person. I have more meat on my bones then I should and from a medical perspective, I am technically obese. That doesn’t mean I am NOT beautiful. 

It has taken years for me to accept…

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