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Need to learn more about CVS 15 November 2005

Posted by chrisfontenot in Need to Learn.

Something I’ve been putting off for a long time is learning more about CVS. I always wanted something like a CVS when I was doing web development professionally. Then when I started programming I really knew I wanted a CVS or something like it.

Now that I’m getting involved with more development projects I really need to put some time into it. I’ve started this evening by setting up a CVS environment on my laptop. I am following the instructions at Apple’s Developer site. I’m not comfortable with the instructions though. They are assuming my account is part of the wheel group. Mine is not. So modified my membership to be included in that group. But I want to follow up by reading the documentation for CVS and see if there is a different setup that I’ll be more comfortable with. I’m sure there is I just need to make a point of looking it up.

Consider this my reminder.



1. halfawake - 16 December 2006

I just forced myself to learn how to use CVS after a long time of doing it the buggy/time consuming way. It’s definetely worth it!

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