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I have a Aquestion about Akismet 3 November 2005

Posted by chrisfontenot in Blogging Tools.

How do I go about using Akismet as a WordPress.com account holder. My blog lives on wordpress.com and i’m not allowed to upload/install/activate any plug-ins that i know of. Surely they’ve implemented Akismet on wordpress.com by default which is cool but since i don’t have another wordpress blog installed of my own I’m guessing that the api key doesn’t do me any good? and i really shouldn’t get too worked up about it except to report that it seems to be working well here on my blog if it is already enabled?

Ok, so i have several questions… Could this web service be utilized in a desktop email client? or even a web based email client? that would be cool…



1. wank - 3 November 2005

You’re right. At present the only use of the API key is to enable owners of self-hosted wordpress blogs to use Akismet.

2. Jope - 17 November 2005

Chris, my understanding is that you can use the plug-in for any WordPress blog with the same API key you have from WordPress.com…

Check out http://akismet.com/faq/ for details.

Hope this helps!


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