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Need to learn more about CVS 15 November 2005

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Something I’ve been putting off for a long time is learning more about CVS. I always wanted something like a CVS when I was doing web development professionally. Then when I started programming I really knew I wanted a CVS or something like it.

Now that I’m getting involved with more development projects I really need to put some time into it. I’ve started this evening by setting up a CVS environment on my laptop. I am following the instructions at Apple’s Developer site. I’m not comfortable with the instructions though. They are assuming my account is part of the wheel group. Mine is not. So modified my membership to be included in that group. But I want to follow up by reading the documentation for CVS and see if there is a different setup that I’ll be more comfortable with. I’m sure there is I just need to make a point of looking it up.

Consider this my reminder.


Fireworks Extension – Filler Text 11 November 2005

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This post is mostly for my students in the Web Authoring class. Last night I was trying to explain the use of extensions in Dreamweaver and Fireworks and wanted to show as an example the extension that will auto-insert some filler text into a text object of Fireworks. But, during class I couldn’t find on the Macromedia Exchange site so instead I showed them the extension that does the same basic thing but inside Dreamweaver instead.

This extension will insert three different kinds of filler text: Lorem Ipsum (or traditional latin filler text), Blah Blahs, or Designer Copy. Its very cool and comes in real handy when designing mockups.

Anyhow, I found the extension today and have created a tinyurl to link to the search results page -> http://tinyurl.com/ajm8e so they/you could find it easier next time. If for any reason the search result page doesn’t work correctly then just search again for filler text on the exchange. That should do it for you.

Way to win browny points 4 November 2005

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Several of my students sent me a sitemap of how they intend to layout their web site for the class project via email.  One of them sent it to me as an Open Office file… 🙂  He deserves extra points.

I have a Aquestion about Akismet 3 November 2005

Posted by chrisfontenot in Blogging Tools.

How do I go about using Akismet as a WordPress.com account holder. My blog lives on wordpress.com and i’m not allowed to upload/install/activate any plug-ins that i know of. Surely they’ve implemented Akismet on wordpress.com by default which is cool but since i don’t have another wordpress blog installed of my own I’m guessing that the api key doesn’t do me any good? and i really shouldn’t get too worked up about it except to report that it seems to be working well here on my blog if it is already enabled?

Ok, so i have several questions… Could this web service be utilized in a desktop email client? or even a web based email client? that would be cool…

Google SMS 2 November 2005

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Google SMS

This is too good not to pass on to someone. Everyone needs to know that they can search google by sending text messages from their cell phones. you can search for just about everything I can think of that you would need while away from an actual internet browser but still need to know… look it up – try it – fall in love with it…

Microsoft We Feel Your Pain video 1 November 2005

Posted by chrisfontenot in Distractions.
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This is a must see video and something I need to post in my links section of the blog.

This video explains how the We Feel Your Pain program works at Microsoft and how it is integrated with the “Send Error Report” features of Windows XP operating system.

I received this link as part of a weekly CodeProject newsletter.